We provide high quality, innovative concrete solutions and services in engineering and construction industry. Our construction chemicals improve workability, performance, compatibility, as well as protect different structural components and finished building structures. Available products and services include waterproofing coatings, waterproofing admixtures, concrete admixtures, expansion joint sealants, stamp concrete, epoxy flooring, thermal insulation etc.

Concrete Admixture

Improve the performance of concrete to enhance specific properties including durability and strength.

Thermal Insulation

Minimize or reduce unwanted heat loss and eliminate unwanted heat gain.

Epoxy Flooring

High-performance, smooth, and durable flooring system for abrasion resistance. It provides a strong and unique look to a surface.

Waterproofing Chemicals

Protect structural members of a building from penetration and harmful effect of water (antiseepage waterproofing) and other corrosive fluids (anticorrosion waterproofing).

Stamp Concrete

Modern, innovative concrete flooring technology that adds depth to floor (especially in driveways, sidewalks and car parks) for durability and versatility.

Expansion Joint Sealant

Minimize stress damage and enhance the performance capabilities of concrete with proper jointing techniques to accommodate expansion-contraction cycles to ensure that your work will last for years to come.

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We are passionate about developing innovative solutions to enhance concrete performance in response to the industry needs. It isn’t just a job, it is our passion.

We provide the best construction chemical expertise in the industry. We have specially designed products and services to serve the construction industry.

We provide sound and consistent products and services so that in many years to come, our product will be working on various projects to provide peace of mind to our customers.

We take on capable professionals and skilled employees to attain excellence in our practices and in delivery of our products.

More than 7 Years
Experienceproviding innovative solutions in construction industry

Over 150 projects completed


Deliver complex projects successfully with our leading products

Pantarhit SFC (FM) boffin engineering

Concrete Admixtures

Expansion Joint Sealants

Durahit Crystal Ad 2000 (DM) boffin engineering

Waterproofing Admixtures

Flooring Systems


The intelligent crystalline waterproofing admixture technology for concrete.

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This intelligent technology builds crystals in concrete structure whenever concrete is exposed to water ensuring a permanent waterproofing system.

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