PANTAQUICK C 100 (BE) is an innovative accelerating admixture specially developed to increase the hydration process of concrete at early ages.

DURAHIT® CF 410 is a very high quality and highly reactive lithium silicate which is used to compact and harden concrete surfaces. It is particularly suitable for industrial floors, concrete and screed surfaces, concrete slabs, artificial stone/ terrazzo, and concrete facades.

DURAHIT® CF 410 can be used equally on troweled, grinded, or polished concrete floor coverings. A deepening of the colour shade is not or hardly achieved.

  • The application of DURAHIT® CF 410 can obtain the following advantages:
  • Increase in density and strength
  • Higher abrasion resistance
  • Reduced penetration of liquids
  • Enhanced chemical resistance
  • Increased freeze-thaw resistance
  • Reduced sanding/dusting of the surface
  • Reduced dirt adhesion
  • Easier cleaning of the surface

DURAHIT® CF 410 significantly increases the resistance and durability of concrete surfaces. This may give manufacturers an economic and ecological advantage.


DURAHIT® CF 410 penetrates mineral surfaces and solidifies them by silicification.


DURAHIT® CF 410 is supplied ready for use. The consumption depends on the absorbency of the surface.

Sanded surfaces:
The consumption is approx. 1000 ml/ 7-15 m²

Smoothed/ polished surfaces:
The consumption is approx. 1000 ml/ 15 -25 m²