Ha-Be PP-Fibre 18 µm FP is an ultra-fine, synthetic fibre designed for reducing the crack formation in cementitious construction materials through improving its resistance to early age shrinkage cracking.

Additionally, Ha-Be PP-Fibre 18 µm FP improves the fire resistance of concrete. At high rising temperatures, the fibre melts and forms micropores in the concrete which allow the vaporised water pressure to release. Concrete spalling can thereby be reduced or retarded.

Application range of Ha-Be PP-Fibre 18 µm FP:

  • General building construction
  • Concrete applied in underground constructions (shotcrete and inner tunnel shells)
  • Industrial floors
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Prefabrication, precast and manufactured concrete products
  • Concrete traffic areas
  • Foundations and floor slabs
  • Screeds

Ha-Be PP-Fibre 18 µm FP enables:

  • Optimization of green strength
  • Reduction of shrinkage cracks
  • Improved resistance to impact stress and wear
  • High durability of concrete
  • Improvement of fire resistance


Having good dispersing properties Ha-Be PP-Fibre 18 µm FP can be dispersed easily, homogeneously, and three-dimensionally throughout the fresh concrete.

The degree of fibre finesse and its frequency attains a homogeneous stress spread in concrete and minimises shrinkage and stress cracks significantly.

Ha-Be PP-Fibre 18 µm FP improves concrete’s bending tension stress, its impact strength and increases its ductility.


General dosage recommendation: 0.5 – 2.2 kg/m3