VARIOL UNIVERSAL is a form release agent for a facilitated stripping of concrete from mould, boards and formwork.
VARIOL UNIVERSAL is suitable for all wooden, metal and plastic formwork and can be applied to heated ones.



Universally applicable form release agent for the concrete industry
Item No. 1310

VARIOL UNIVERSAL works chemically/physically. The synergy between the contained additives and solvents generates an excellent separating effect.
The reduced adhesion between concrete and formwork minimises both damages on the produced concrete products or elements and on the formworks.
VARIOL UNIVERSAL contains anti-corrosive additives which decrease the corrosion risk on steel moulds and allow an extended usage period of them.

Depending on the surface structure and its absorbing abilities the necessary amount might vary and has to be determined for each single application.
For metal and plastic formwork
approx. 15 – 20 g/m² are recommended
For wooden formwork
approx. 25 – 50 g/m² are recommended