Reasons for Cracks in Buildings

Cracks in structures occur due to various reasons like foundation movements and settling of buildings, changes in temperature and climate, chemical reactions in the construction materials, and environmental stress like ground movement. It could also be caused by fault and defective design, poor quality of construction materials, etc.

Here are a few reasons for cracks in Buildings:

Thermal Movement

All building materials expand on heat and contract on cooling. Thermal movement in the components of building structure creates cracks owing to the tensile or shear stresses. Thermal changes are one of the strongest causes of cracks in buildings and demand attention.

Poor Structural Design

Another striking source of cracks in buildings is inadequate or bad construction quality and requirements. These requirements must be strictly adhered to avoid an uneven weight distribution.

Poor (Or) Lack Of Maintenance

A proper maintenance culture keeps a building in its best shape, this ensures the building structure is intact. It also adds to its lifespan.

In conclusion, if proper consideration is given to construction material and technique to be used, before, and during construction, then the potential causes of cracks in buildings can be controlled significantly.

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